Custom Application Development


The most enjoyable part of our job is building applications and utilities that help you and your team fill the gaps in your workflow.  For example if you need:

  • A custom application to manage, process, and bill claims, we can help.

  • A custom application to manage, process, and submit encounters, we can help.

  • A website or application to display your data, we can help.

  • A utility to package your service data into a compliant EDI 837 professional transaction set, we can help.

  • A utility to read a 277 transaction set, we can help.

  • A report written using SQL Reporting Services or Crystal Reports, we can help.

  • A secure web site to communicate information to your providers, members, we can help.

  • A utility to read/parse service data into a readable format that can be imported into a database for reporting/analysis, we can help.​




Our engineers are well versed in the Microsoft "Stack" and look forward to developing/supporting initiatives that use:


  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

  • Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

  • Visual Studio

  • C#

  • VB.NET

  • JavaScript


  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)


  • IIS

  • DNN (formerly DotNetNuke)​

These are the primary tools that we focus on, but as software engineers it's our job to be familiar with other tools and technology such as Perl, Python, C, MySQL, Linux, etc.


HIPAA X12 Transaction Set Parsing


Equally as important as creating transaction sets is the ability to read them, especially transactions such as the X12 835. Understanding and consuming adjudication results can be extremely vital to a customers operations.


EDI 835 Remittance Advice Parsing

EDI 999 Acknowledgement Parsing

EDI TA1 Acknowledgement Parsing

HIPAA X12 Transaction Set Creation


DoRight Solutions has years of experience in packaging customer data in the appropriate HIPAA X12 transaction sets using both the Implementation Guide (IG) and any state/plan companion guides.


HIPAA X12 Companion Guides


If you are the receiver of HIPAA EDI documents you may be in need of creating a companion guide that will inform your trading partners on the particulars of your system. Our staff at DoRight Solutions can work with you and your technical team to craft a companion guide that will meet your needs and properly inform your trading partners on specific items that you'd like to see in there submissions.In addition if you are simply looking for someone to help you decipher a companion guide in order to properly send data, we can help there as well.