Data Migration (ETL)

We live in a highly connected world and as a result it's important that our systems securely communicate with one another for us to properly get our jobs done. 



Interoperability is the ability for systems to communicate with each other and is no longer a nice to have, but a necessity.  Our systems must communicate and it's up to us to build the necessary bridges between systems to allow for proper and secure sharing of data.

With that said challenges arise resulting from the age of systems and their built in functionality to achieve interoperability.

DRS has years of experience in realizing interoperability in legacy systems and or workflows in some of the following ways:


  • Development of secure web services if data in one of your systems needs to be made available.

  • We can build ETL packages with Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) responsible for both transforming and moving data between systems.

  • We can build custom utilities to read, parse, and reformat data where and when needed.

  • We can build utilities to "Screen Scrape", which is the ability to pull data from the screen from systems that don't provide any other mechanism for sharing data.

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