Our Goal

Let's face it, the only constant is change.  Change in the workforce, change in requirements, change in technology, change in vision, change in mission, change in scope, change in budgets, etc.
At DoRight Solutions, we've recognized that in an ever changing world that resource and staffing models must change as well. 
It's our goal to dynamically find the right people, at the right time, and at the right price to help you meet both your short and long term goals. 
Doing so allows you to better manage the inevitability of change all the while successfully addressing the needs of your clients and the market. 


The Challenge

  • Rising resource costs
  • Labor Shortage
  • Employee Technical Decay


The Solution

  • Resource Elasticity


What we do?

  • Plainly put, we help to find the "right resource, and the right time, for the right price." With the least amount of burden on you and your team. We can do this because we understand the business.


How are we different?

  • We are American Staffing Association Members , which means we understand temporary IT staffing.
  • We know the healthcare domain!
  • We've dedicated 25 years to Public Health initiatives
  • We are a certified Minority Business Enterprise
  • We look to the local community first
  • We are small, cost effective, and flexible
  • When our contractors are placed we support them for the duration of their contract
  • We are strictly a "Microsoft Stack" staffing agency, why, because it's what we use daily, and allows us to properly triage candndiates for our clients
  • We test and pre-screen candidates based on on industry standard questions or utilize your test suite and only send you candidates that meet your needs.